Neighbor Net

Single-handedly restarting the gift economy


Comparison between "individualist", "collectivist", and Neighbor Net approach to resource management *Free market optimally allocates resources b/c pricing system but (1) there is some lost psychologically and (2) yea best allocation for individualists but if can share then less resources needed. Why should each neighbor purchase a hedge trimmer? Why should each neighbor spend part of their life working for a hedge trimmer? Also successful sharing cements bonds w/ neighbors and give the sense of community we have lost. Unsuccessful sharing also gives important info who not to work with. *Collectivist / communist / socialist approach of centralized resourcessuffers from horrid misallocation / waste and tragedy of the commons exacerbated by the victim being stranger. *Happy medium between two = less total resources and sharing between people you know of good rep. *Neighbor Net fosters this solution and improves by allowing searching which would be rude (imagine asking every neighbor for a tool) or impractical (asking every guy if they have this one rare book) in real life. Through the